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The Exotics Gardens Created by French horticulturist Marcel François in 1951, these gardens were declared a Natural Heritage site in 2003. Though neither attractive nor particularly well maintained, they are a popular day trip for residents of Rabat and Salé. The gardens are 13km north of Rabat on the road to Kenitra. Take bus 9 from Bab Chellah in Rabat or from Bab Lekhmiss at the Salé medina. Areas include the Jardin Nature, plantations that evoke the exotic vegetation the horticulturist encountered on his many travels; and the Jardin Culture, referring more to the philosophy of the garden in different cultures.

Andalusians Gardens in Morocco also referred to as Kasbah Oudaya or Kasbah Udaya, is located at the mouth of the Bou Regreg river opposite of Salé. Kasbah Oudaia has been the citadel of the Alhmohads, Merinids and Andalusians in Rabat. Its location on a rocky outcrop high above the level of the river is an imposing site especially for the pirates of days gone by. These gardens, laid out by the French during the colonial period, are located within the Kasbah les Oudaias. Full of fruit trees and bougainvillea, they make a wonderful shady retreat on hot days.